Welcome to Django Stories’s documentation!

This app is designed to be flexible to configure, but still simple to the writers and editors.

Design Goals

  • Reduced dependencies: Checks for optional packages and only creates the fields if they are there.
  • Rich content embedding from GUI: For embedded content, the markup language’s GUI can do everything it needs.
  • Flexible dependencies: Can pick from several applications that provide similar service, for example django-staff vs. User, massmedia vs. photologue


  • Revision tracking: Keeps track of saved versions and allows a user to revert to a previous version.
  • Related items: Can set any configured item to be related to the story. These are for Photos, Videos, other stories, etc.
  • Quick Edit: Several fields can be changed in the list view including Headline, Subheadline, Teaser, Kicker and Published Status. A form is used and can be overridden by your project to include what ever fields you want.
  • Optional 404 supressing: Sometimes you may have to take down content. You can now return a page with an explanation instead of returning a 404 error.

Helping Out

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